Monday, July 2, 2007

Vale's Fakin'

Aaaaahhhhh... Hate it !! I'm one of those fuckin early-bird reach the island. Hate myself, cause tis nope Vale's attitude, spoiled !! Damn... Since F.Flyz reached, already stucked here for days, past day. Hell !! Last few days, Struggled doing awful things, felt sinful towards wat i've done. Also, acting as a nice-guy...wanna Puke !! Piss off toward some bitches out there, you ain't nobody...fuck yourself, you make me wanna bang you off, Bitch-sss !!
Not yet over, still got some stupid 'activities' have to deal with...feelin suck for keep pretending. No Offence !! That's my prob., still haven't figured out why i involve with it. Dumb...
Since arrive, Vale's life still a mess, donno when will gettin better...Start prayin. No time to Relax...must keep improving myself. Yup !!