Monday, August 31, 2009

VaLe's Convo [Part.4 ~ Family]

Last but not least...

Final part of VaLe's Convo dedicated to
VaLe's Family members.

~ Happy Dad ~

My Big Bro
Thanks for using SLR snapping every Memorable moments

Family pic
opposite convo Hall [ USM-DTSP ]

VaLe with his Dad
at USM main entrance

My Big Sis

VaLe with his adorable Mom

"Da Shao" + baby - VaLe - Bro

Mom - VaLe - Sis - Dad

~ Mi Familia ~

Can't find a word for VaLe to express his Thankfulness towards his Lovable Family...
Btw, Daddy really Happy & Excited on that day...
Simply b'coz he get to sit in Graduation Hall again to witness his child graduate. ^^
Till then, ciao~

VaLe's Convo [Part.3 - Coursemate]

Congrats to all my Coursemates.
Our 3 years of Hardworks, finally paid off... HaHa
Good Luck in Future & Stay Contact ler~ (Hopefully)

- Kean Hoe -

- Yen Sun aka 'shang mei' -

- Foong Yam -

- Mary -

- Shi Yao -

- Xiao Hui -

- Kit Ying -

- Siew Chin -

- Li Ling -

- Chai Fun -

- Atirah -

- Akmar -

- Kai Jun -

- Yong Phey -

- Melati (Left) -

- Bee Chin -

- Kak Ramona -

- Cheng Yan -

Surely, Not a good photo session.
Since lots of Coursemate 'dissapear' or Leave early.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

VaLe's Convo [Part.2 - Friends]

Thanks to all VaLe's Friends for Attend my Convo & all the Gifts.
For those who can't make it, but drop Calls & Messages.
Really Appreciate ~

Thanks You !!

- Cai Yu -
[Ex-hostel Roommate]

[Hostel Friend]

- Raymond & ??? -
[KayTee Junior]

- Shi Hui Husband, Sis Shi Hui, Yen Nan -
[KMT Friends]

- Teng -
[KayTee & BATI Senior]

- Tirawud -
[BATI Senior]

Ming Xiang
[KayTee Friend]

- Joycie -

- Vince -

- Shi Han -
[BATI Junior]

- Ying Min -

~wEn ~

Graduate !!

VaLe officially a graduate of

Bachelor's Art of Translation & Interpretation

From : University Science of Malaysia (Penang Main).
Dated : 13 August 2009
Time : Noon Session
Venue : Dewan Tuanku Syed Putra

Congratulation to VaLe~

Saturday, August 29, 2009

H1N1 [ Have a Thought ]

Recently, many people wearing "surgical masks" at shopping malls, schools, mamak stalls and other public areas. Because of this, I would like to explain why the mask may do more harm than good.

The H1N1 virus is not airborne. To be considered an airborne virus, the microorganism would have to survive or remain in the air for long periods of time. The H1N1 virus does not stay airborne.

Many people wearing masks in crowded places. However, places like airports, shopping malls and schools are full of germs and bacteria.
If a small amount of bacteria gets into a hole in the mask, you will provide a breeding ground for the bacteria, which may lead to an illness or infection. The moisture you produce in your mask is perfect for bacteria and viruses, and may be a recipe for disaster.

The way to prevent exposure to H1N1 virus is to avoid physical contact with people who may be sick or infected. Also avoid commonly touched surfaces like escalator railings, poles and public toilet doorknobs.
The H1N1 virus usually spreads when someone touches surfaces with the bacteria and then touches his own nose, eyes or mouth.

Washing your hands frequently is the best defense against exposure.
And yes, the virus may travel from point A to point B in the air. But it will drop, not stay airborne.
Wearing a mask is only good at helping you not to spread your illness to others if you are infected.

Source: NST - Letter to Editor on August 7, '09

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

VaLe's Convo [Part.1 - Candid]

Part One of VaLe's Convo de pics.
Exclusive only at VALE Honeyee...
Some candid pics taken from the Hotel till USM.
Have a Laugh~ ^^