Thursday, May 31, 2007

Life In Cartoon Motion

MIKA - a Lebanon singer who based at London. His debut album released around February 2007, but till last few weeks i juz discovered such a amazing album. Misery !! I definitely will own this top-rated album, juz the matter of time.
Bout Life In Cartoon Motion... it took me second played to fall in love with. The single i like most is My Interpretation (got related with wat i'm rite doin now, haha), also Grace Kelly (the chart topper), Lollipop (the funky rhythm), Love Today... Relax,Take it Easy... Billy Brown... Big Girl (You are Beautiful)... Happy Ending, etc.
A nice to listen album, 10 tracks and i recommend all 10 tracks. Maybe your taste ain't similar wit mine, but it's still an album which truly worth and not time-wasting to drop an ear for... Don't get freak by his high-pitching vocal, that's the unique about Mika. You'll like it, like i do...
Still unfamiliar wit him or want to know him more... Simple, google Mika !! Honestly, i addicted to Mika song for straight 5 days already... Sorry mom... Hah!!
What you waiting and still wondering for... Go check it or him up !!! Loser... Haha.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Tearless... We'll come back !!

The big clash on Thursday morning already turned into another chapter of CL history... The Lads done a great job, but the lucky-angel certainly not by our side. Nothing much to express and Disappointment is the word.
After watched the heart-sour moment when the person who lifted the big-ear not captain Gerrard... Lying on bed, i just cant fall asleep, not because the Latte kept thinking (everything is over), i drink... but the sadness paranoid me and asking (dreaming ?? really over ??), saying (over, go to sleep...).
What happened was, i stayed awake for the whole early morning...
For 3 and 4 days, i tried to avoid watching news, reading newspaper, surfing internet which got related to who winning the big-ear... *What an avoider.
Now, all (CL news) has come to an end... Transfer market reopen, that's the Hot topic rite now.
For The Lads, M Gonzalez, B Zenden, C Bellamy, R Fowler, J Dudek had been transfer out. Voronin, and Leiva will wear red shirt for the next season... Maybe for Villa, Milito, also Simao.
Surely, Liverpool will be the strong and big contender for 07/08 League and Cups... cause we got a great Manager (Rafa), Money (Gillett & Hicks), world-class Players (The Lads), deep History (all the Cups), loyal Fans (The Kops... include me) and historical AnField...
-You'll Never Walk Alone- !!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Encantado Blogspot !!

First of all, here i wanna shout up to Vale's Territory for ritely doin his job and shared my feelings, no matter high or low for tis past few months. Kudos !! Sadly, he had to come for a early retirement coz some unavoidable mistake and services. Vale will visit u once in a while in future...
Back on, say Hello to Blogspot (The B)... It'll certainly the place i left my trace for weeks, months, years, decades...ahead. If possible, i won't change the host tired as moving things.
Hope that the function and facilities at Blogspot way better than other blogger spot... So to prove that my choice was right... Hah !!
Many things to express rite now, but tried to clear cut all the nonsense (wasting time). Watchup for my honeyee, it'll keep on updated tis upcoming days... Let Get It Started !!
Final words, B-Boy Rulez... Hahahaha !!