Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pic Lie the Tales...

Clear ur mind before u scroll down this post...
The pics u 'bout to see are Original. No photoshop, pic-editor or any software has been use.

"New York Construction Workers Lunching on a Crossbeam"
taken during construction of the GE Building at Rockefeller Center, 1932.

11 men eating lunch, seated on a crossbeam with their feet dangling hundreds of feet above (69th floor) the New York City streets.

"Resting on a crossbeam"
the same workers napping on the beam

"Man V.S. Tanks"
A man tries to stop the tanks in Tiananmen Square by standing in front of them.
the tank didn't crush the man as a group of unknown people came and dragged him away.
You got the courage to act like him??

"Raising the U.S. Flag"
5 U.S. Marines and a U.S. Navy raising the flag of the United States atop Mount Suribachi
during the Battle of Iwo Jima in World War II.

See it before?? Hint : Monument??

"Hiroshima, 3 weeks after the Bomb"
Heard of the bomb that leveled Hiroshima,
but how Hiroshima look like after that??
The question answered when this aerial pic was published.

And the last pic. 9/11 attacks...

"The Falling Man"

The Falling Man ends suggesting that this picture was not a matter of the identity behind the man, but how he symbolized the events of 9/11.

Listen to Ur Heart~

當你出現在面前 我真的離你好遠
對你的想念 像一盞燭光 不曾熄滅
再回首這些年 心甘情願 等候

*當你出現在面前 是你熟悉的笑臉
忘記了時間 偷偷帶我們繞了幾圈
就好像一眨眼 我依然在 等候

**我想要知道 會不會有一天
我已經知道 愛著你有多強烈

***親愛的 讓我
Listen to your heart
想在一起 直到永遠
我想要知道 能不能牽你的手
我已經知道 失去你有多難過
親愛的 Love you so 讓我
Listen to your heart

就在一起 直到永遠

Listen to your Heart

知道 你永遠不會
明暸 我愛你 是我需要
祈禱 和你坐在海邊 聽著你心跳 oh~~~
我不怕任何考驗 我等待你的回應

就在一起 到永遠

Friday, September 26, 2008

24 Septmber '08

Wat the heck !! Hmm...wonder since when my B'day change to 24 September??
Nope 1 but 2
B'day cakes on the same day... coincidence??
Still, the celebration was way too early (still got week more b4 my real-B'Day).... The feeling of earlier-B'Day really not good & kinda weird + awkward.

First with part-of-coursemate, celebrated a not so 'happy' B' 'fu yan'.
Maybe I in a very low-mood to cheer myself up. Hmm... Anyway, thx them...
(hvn't grab the pics, wil upload soon)

The day truly exhausted...ride in ride out. But ady knew they planning to make me a surprise celebration. So, rest/wait/prepare in room...

'Touch' tht every members of 10-4-4 show up and spent hours 'crazy' & 'fool' around... Noe tht most of them very tired + busy wit academics stuff.
Lazy to type out all the details. Attached some (when I say some, it mean few outha hundreds) pics to tell the story...

A small piece of choco-indulgence cake along with Domino Pizza.

'Surprise' ambush prepared-VaLe who watching TV at room.

A lil too early celebration actually... Anyway, Gracias to all my housemates.

Finish filled stomach... Studio session again.
House - Door step - Lift -
'Lobby' - Staircase - Pool side - Lift

*Notice the similarity of every pic ??
Hint : VaLe pose..
. Haha

btw, Remember tht my B'Day is still on October 4 !!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

914 - GKW 20th B'Day

Here are the presents that VaLe chose@picked for the special her
(the only gal getting all the privilege from me...)

Bigger-oGui tht she asked & demanded before...
(For her, I surely will keep my promise)

Cards, 'somethings' tht I wan her to know...
(no 'bombastic' words, but mean a lot)

Love-shape FR...a lil ordinary
(hard to get a Luv-shape choco, after searched for days)

Small-cake (last min grab), coz she kept complained :
"I turn fat fat ady"

(honestly, she really think too much...)

Happy 20th B'Day to you !!