Thursday, November 29, 2007

Vale gonna Grab...

Slim & Lite Play Station Portable (PSP)
by SONY *officially owned

Converse All Star X CLOT Fragment
*designed by Hiroshi Fujiwara
*owned, but different brand @ kind

by Apple

Pulse Adistar
by ADIDAS *Vale owned

M3 (concept) *Gv Vale some time
by BMW

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Coughing !!

Cough...cough... Damn, keep coughing for bout 3 to 4 days already (6-10 times per minute). Arghhh...'it's killing Vale' slowly...
Recently Vale... Hmmm... Wake up around 11am (by my 1 and only mom). Then...have breakfast which seldom or never happen when Vale at the island. Then, 2 choices...whether move to the PC or the PS. But mostly to PC, coz can surf net, watch series, jamn Unlimited Music, chat via the famous MSN etc. At PS, only can press console which is it's main function. Some more, too many games to choose, and Vale no time (lazy) to 'kill' them all.
Tis few days or week since came bac Home, it's hard to see Vale step outside the house (Vale's mom always try to 'force' me out), haha...cute mom. Wandering around the house is Vale everyday routine...still Vale enjoy it, although sometimes felt a bit awkward. For Vale, that's the meaning of rest or relax when bac to Home sweet home. Hell Yeah !!
At the time Vale posting tis up, still got bout 16 days b4 it's time to pack and bac to the small island. So...muz appreciate and make full use of the time. I think it's time to spread the news that Vale already at KT. It's time to meet some good 'old' frenz, haha...
Many things came through Vale's mind...but 'lazy' to crap all out... Till now and then, Adios !!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Woahhhhh...!!! Wat a shocking mornin, when found out the famous Three Lions after being given so many chances... still cant done the job rightly and disappointed their supporter again. Dumb !!

'Congrats' for not reachin next year Euro 08. Since like when... year '94 didnt made it for World Cup U.S.A (major competition). Surely, the player can take time 'around' the world, spend time with families, become a couch-potato and cheers for other countries...during tis championship period. Wat a way to take a rest.
Honestly and Eventually, Vale not a supporter nor an enemy of White-army. I'm not... !! Just felt that i like to say somethings bout it.

Next year EURO 08... U wont see players like Gerrard, Lampard, Rooney, Beckham, Terry, Crouch, Carrick, Ferdinand, Ashley Cole, both Owen-s and surely the shadow of... Steve McLaren. Coz Mc Clown being sacked by Eng-FA hours after the match. Tht's wat we call Football Reality... WuaHahaha !!

But, Vale still feel a little sympathy and bad for England. Juz hope all England supporter and especially the player can recover from tis misery period. Get back soon Three Lions... Hope to see u next time as a Competitive side (wit a new Lions-Tamer for sure)... Roar !!!

Sick and Tired !!

of Acting
of Admiring
of Begging
of Cashing
of Commanding
of Complaining
of Craping
of Dinner-ing
of Doing
of Driving
of Envying
of Explaining
of Feeling
of Fighting
of Finding
of Hearing
of Liking
of Listening
of Looking
of Loving
of Managing
of Meeting
of Memorizing
of Mumbling
of Playing
of Pretending
of Reading
of Remember
of Studying
of Talking
of Thanking
of Thinking
of Typing
of Searching
of SMS-ing
of Visiting
of Waiting
of Watching
of Writing
of... etc.
*Only for 'some matters'

Wat had Happened to Vale !! Wat's goin wrong ??

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Falling ANGEL !!

Yup... For everyone who surf Vale Honeyee. I hope u will Thank me for sharing this YouTube vid, after watched it... (for those who haven't hear or know this gal)

*Actually i would like to bring the vid to this post, but i just cant find the way. Hmmm...still wondering how ??

Nvm, Vale will guide u. Simply surf or click (make it easier for those net-nerds who dont noe the site-link) YouTube. Then, type in Connie Talbot *pic in the Search box. Wait for few seconds. When there are videos emerge, simply choose and click anyone of relate video. There's the Little Angel everyone mentioning...

Who's Connie Talbot ?? A 6 years old talent found on Britain's Got Talent (BGT) show. Famous with her singing "Over the Rainbow" and "Ben" during the competition. Sadly, she only managed to finish the competition as a runner-up. Means...she miss the opportunity to perform infront of Queen Elizabeth. But i think the Queen will like to call upon this Little Angel, if the Queen had heard it.

Honestly, the very first time i saw and heard she sang... Her voice really do touched Vale, Ohhh.......... What a Cute Angel with such a adorable look and touching vocal...

*Take Notes :

do send some Little Angel down to earth, all over the Globe. Just waiting for us to find or discover them. But what we surely knew was, Fairy-Tooth Mom still got the permission to take Angel's teeth, wuahaha !!!