Monday, February 18, 2013

Archive - [BIRTH day] 4 October 2011

Getting Older... Decide to spend this year Birthday with my Dearest Family Members...
Apologize for Running Away from you all, my friendssss. Anyway, Thanks for the wishes. Much Appreciate.
Here's some pics to share my Happiness~

[October's Babies] 5th & 4th of the month

My Niece - YuanYar & Me - Vale

[4th of Oct] Steamboat Celebration Dinner

[Smile] Birthday Cake Cutting Time

[Blow] The Candles

[Cutting] Uncle & Niece

[Laugh] Dad with his cheeky Granddaughter

[Kids] Her eyes can't lock on the ah-mon figures

[Two] Grandfathers with beloved Granddaughter

First Post of Year 2K13 ~

Hei Viewer, I'm Vale from Leow Family !!!
HERE WE GO again...