Thursday, December 31, 2009

Trip to "Merlion Island"

From : Christmas Day at Island
Dated : 25 December 2009
Time : 1700 til 2130
Venue : Bugis Junction & around Suntec City

Shopping Heaven (one of) - Bugis Junction

said : Biggest Fountain in the world

Certified by Guinness Book of Record

as the largest fountain which will "perform" water-dance (or spray) along with lighting effects synchronize with the background music or melody.
Here some pics to show...

The Suntec City Fountain

From : An Island at the Merlion island
Dated : 27 December 2009
Time : 1430 til 2100
Venue : An island named Sentosa & Vivo City

Since I visit his/her land, it won't be Nice if i didn't take pic with Merlion.

Another pic with Merlion

Huh ?!
Is MARTHUR FARKER and Mother Fucker the same ??

Sentosa's Map
Glow-in-the-Dark version

Spotted a charming girl

To experience the Underwater World of Sentosa, please step in a merely 300 meters queue.
Thanks & No Way !!

A-not-so-Adventure Trip... Hah !!

No Idea...

The beauty of Reflection

An Island in the Island of an Island

Spotted again

View from the Observation Tower at the tiny Island

A glance before travel out the Island via LRT

After a not-so-long but Tired & Happy journey,
eased our stomach at Vivo City's Thai Ascent

come along with this view

Now only VaLe know that only Malaysian take MRT

Last but not least...
Wishing all Honeyee passer-by
a very


till then !!
- xoxo -

Trip to "Merlion Island"

From : Christmas Eve at Island
Dated : 24 December 2009
Time : 1600 til 2000
Venue : Along Orchard Road

Merry Christmas to y'all

VaLe's 3rd sis & VaLe

[5.25pm] Crowd begin to form

Chew Yen & VaLe

The collaboration between APE and VERTU ?! Nah~

The all new ION Mall

Such a Stylish + Futuristic construction

Main entrance into the ION

Christmas wouldn't perfect without the twinkle Tree !!

Guess where ??

Next heading... SHAW Mall

Bump in with the Coca Cola convoy
Free COKE give away !! Aaahhh...

One of the Coca Cola ambassador
Singapore's Derrick Ho

[7.20pm] Hardly move around... Damn crowded !!

Ran up a higher place to take a breath
See the "terrifying" crowd !!

[7.52pm] Reach the end of Orchard Road
Decide & Manage to take some pics
Include this Mall which keepon changing the lighting colours.
Surrounded by Festive season atmosphere + mood...

Afterward, rush bac Ang Mo Kio b4 heading to Clark Quay (or Dhoby Gaut) for Christmas countdown.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Career [ Chapter One ]

Graduate on month of May... Rest (struggling) for 1 whole month. On July 2nd, VaLe flip through another chapter in his Life. Here He Goes~

[June 20, 2009] Interview
Menara Public Bank, Kuala Lumpur

[2 July, 2009] Staff Tag
Officially Public Bank staff

[July 3, 2009] Banking Hall
2nd Day at PBB Penang Main, Bishop Street

[July 3, 2009] Banking Hall
View from my very own desk

[July 28. 2009] Re-Locate
back from ITTC, Bangi Training

[December 15, 2009] 5th month
nearly Turmoil
Duration (actual) : July 2, 2009 - December 14, 2009
Thanks everyone in PBB, Penang Main. I will be back... Probably or Maybe...
Definitely Better & Stronger !!