Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Seoul-Garden (LATE)

1. Ease ourselves at Seoul-Garden (Gurney Plaza). The only 6 guys...

2. Making a snap infront Seoul-Garden (Main Entrance).

I got to throw a downward "C"... Hahah, callin' a dope for Vale.
4. 'Unaware-Look' as Demanded by some galz...

5. Kudos for the person who took tis Amazing-Pic.
(means, no one. CyberShot him/her self...Haha)

6. Last snap before move to Cinema... There goes, 6 guy 5 gal.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


It's bein a whole month i didn't post any blog at Honeyee. What to say, i really like to blog but just can't free or find a time (good relaxin time...). A phrase that didn't came across me for this whole July, True !! For sure, Vale's life recently very hectic. Busy deal with academic stuffs, PeeBeeTee events, Singing matters, Frenz, everyday Life and etc. Those activities also the already bein filtered and think twice by Vale b4 knob my head, but still...LOTs. 24/7 really a problem for me, too little of time...When talking bout Hectic, it also equal to the word - Tired. Yup, Vale totally exhausted and few days nearly out of energy... but still i can coped with my busy life just by taking a nap or spend more times on my messy bed (Re-Energize).
It's bein a month, does it come to an End ?? Hell No, for sure... Wanna know why...?? Just take a glance on Vale's calender on my desk... Activities (not include academic one) way till mid-August, that's also already confirmed activities, after mid-August... don't dare to act like you know. Hah !! Still, Life must go on... I will always remember the main purpose i stop by this island.
Front Line Soldier, VALE... MARCH !!