Friday, December 28, 2007

Don't Act Like You Know...!!

Crap Shit !! dont noe wat happened to people surrounding Vale recently. They kept act like they noe me... ...very well. Hell Never, Vale not the person u all can figure out so easily. So, plzzz... Stop pretending tht u noe me, O.K. !! U all crapping too much about me... Sick !!
Reason ?? C'mon, even Vale also dont noe himself well(sometimes), how 'bout u...not tht u all hv special ability such as 'Six-sense'. Vale's a noody moron and crazy nerds...u think a normal human like u all can noe me well... Dont think so... ...
Who really noe me well ?? Hmmm... answer is Nobody in tis Globe, until tis second. For ur knowledge, Vale's family members are the closer group tht get to noe the real characterictic and mind of 'Little Vale'.
So, for all those 'fakers' out there...Stop ur donno wat, guessing or predicting skills... Thx !! Juz leave me 'alone'... Huh.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

feliz Navidad (Late) !!

Wanna take tis opportunity to wish everyone around the World who celebrating Christmas... ...

MeRRy MErry merRY X-MAS !!!
Have a Happy year-end (2007) ahead and
may your wishes come true...

*a bit out of time, b'coz of the damn lacking internet line @ out of network tis fucking whole day. Dunno why... Juz recover when I posted tis greeting.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sorry, Blame it on Vale !!

Back to skool (4th) again... Another 'brand new' sem ahead. Gonna be a buzy (tis time will be a totally different 'buzy') sem again, I predict and guess...

The pre-sem already was a Fault start for Vale, b'coz of last sem 'tragic' lead to tis sem Tragedy... Blame who ?? Blame nobody... Blame it on me !! Few 'awful' papers really pull down @ condemn all the good efforts I've done... Soobz, without tear. Haiz...Suddenly (again) felt that Vale's life worsen and worsen, already forgot when was the last D.Day for Vale... A test from the Big Guy ?? If's certainly a damn tough and long test. Feeling fucking sick !!

Since reached the island... Done not many things (meaningful one). Bump to GSC like 3 or 4 times already. Everydays have to 'settle' meal-puzzle to keep Alive. Have to 'enjoy' a 6 days 'unpurpose' holidays. Hardly to get concentration on study... ...yet. By the way, the coughing disease already leave my body (after interrupted Vale's life for more than 2 weeks). Glad there's still matter Vale can cheer on, YEAH !!

Add on: Month of December, coming to another year end again... Christmas day just around the corner... Don't mention the 31 Dec year 2008 countdown (an anticipating year for Vale, hopefully) !! Also, Vale's 07 Review should be up soon on Honeyee... Do check it !!

*Hmmm...took me days to complete and post tis Crap. Wat's wrong ?! Still cant't figure out wat've happen... But surely, juz Blame it on me !!