Friday, December 28, 2007

Don't Act Like You Know...!!

Crap Shit !! dont noe wat happened to people surrounding Vale recently. They kept act like they noe me... ...very well. Hell Never, Vale not the person u all can figure out so easily. So, plzzz... Stop pretending tht u noe me, O.K. !! U all crapping too much about me... Sick !!
Reason ?? C'mon, even Vale also dont noe himself well(sometimes), how 'bout u...not tht u all hv special ability such as 'Six-sense'. Vale's a noody moron and crazy nerds...u think a normal human like u all can noe me well... Dont think so... ...
Who really noe me well ?? Hmmm... answer is Nobody in tis Globe, until tis second. For ur knowledge, Vale's family members are the closer group tht get to noe the real characterictic and mind of 'Little Vale'.
So, for all those 'fakers' out there...Stop ur donno wat, guessing or predicting skills... Thx !! Juz leave me 'alone'... Huh.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

feliz Navidad (Late) !!

Wanna take tis opportunity to wish everyone around the World who celebrating Christmas... ...

MeRRy MErry merRY X-MAS !!!
Have a Happy year-end (2007) ahead and
may your wishes come true...

*a bit out of time, b'coz of the damn lacking internet line @ out of network tis fucking whole day. Dunno why... Juz recover when I posted tis greeting.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sorry, Blame it on Vale !!

Back to skool (4th) again... Another 'brand new' sem ahead. Gonna be a buzy (tis time will be a totally different 'buzy') sem again, I predict and guess...

The pre-sem already was a Fault start for Vale, b'coz of last sem 'tragic' lead to tis sem Tragedy... Blame who ?? Blame nobody... Blame it on me !! Few 'awful' papers really pull down @ condemn all the good efforts I've done... Soobz, without tear. Haiz...Suddenly (again) felt that Vale's life worsen and worsen, already forgot when was the last D.Day for Vale... A test from the Big Guy ?? If's certainly a damn tough and long test. Feeling fucking sick !!

Since reached the island... Done not many things (meaningful one). Bump to GSC like 3 or 4 times already. Everydays have to 'settle' meal-puzzle to keep Alive. Have to 'enjoy' a 6 days 'unpurpose' holidays. Hardly to get concentration on study... ...yet. By the way, the coughing disease already leave my body (after interrupted Vale's life for more than 2 weeks). Glad there's still matter Vale can cheer on, YEAH !!

Add on: Month of December, coming to another year end again... Christmas day just around the corner... Don't mention the 31 Dec year 2008 countdown (an anticipating year for Vale, hopefully) !! Also, Vale's 07 Review should be up soon on Honeyee... Do check it !!

*Hmmm...took me days to complete and post tis Crap. Wat's wrong ?! Still cant't figure out wat've happen... But surely, juz Blame it on me !!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Vale gonna Grab...

Slim & Lite Play Station Portable (PSP)
by SONY *officially owned

Converse All Star X CLOT Fragment
*designed by Hiroshi Fujiwara
*owned, but different brand @ kind

by Apple

Pulse Adistar
by ADIDAS *Vale owned

M3 (concept) *Gv Vale some time
by BMW

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Coughing !!

Cough...cough... Damn, keep coughing for bout 3 to 4 days already (6-10 times per minute). Arghhh...'it's killing Vale' slowly...
Recently Vale... Hmmm... Wake up around 11am (by my 1 and only mom). Then...have breakfast which seldom or never happen when Vale at the island. Then, 2 choices...whether move to the PC or the PS. But mostly to PC, coz can surf net, watch series, jamn Unlimited Music, chat via the famous MSN etc. At PS, only can press console which is it's main function. Some more, too many games to choose, and Vale no time (lazy) to 'kill' them all.
Tis few days or week since came bac Home, it's hard to see Vale step outside the house (Vale's mom always try to 'force' me out), haha...cute mom. Wandering around the house is Vale everyday routine...still Vale enjoy it, although sometimes felt a bit awkward. For Vale, that's the meaning of rest or relax when bac to Home sweet home. Hell Yeah !!
At the time Vale posting tis up, still got bout 16 days b4 it's time to pack and bac to the small island. So...muz appreciate and make full use of the time. I think it's time to spread the news that Vale already at KT. It's time to meet some good 'old' frenz, haha...
Many things came through Vale's mind...but 'lazy' to crap all out... Till now and then, Adios !!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Woahhhhh...!!! Wat a shocking mornin, when found out the famous Three Lions after being given so many chances... still cant done the job rightly and disappointed their supporter again. Dumb !!

'Congrats' for not reachin next year Euro 08. Since like when... year '94 didnt made it for World Cup U.S.A (major competition). Surely, the player can take time 'around' the world, spend time with families, become a couch-potato and cheers for other countries...during tis championship period. Wat a way to take a rest.
Honestly and Eventually, Vale not a supporter nor an enemy of White-army. I'm not... !! Just felt that i like to say somethings bout it.

Next year EURO 08... U wont see players like Gerrard, Lampard, Rooney, Beckham, Terry, Crouch, Carrick, Ferdinand, Ashley Cole, both Owen-s and surely the shadow of... Steve McLaren. Coz Mc Clown being sacked by Eng-FA hours after the match. Tht's wat we call Football Reality... WuaHahaha !!

But, Vale still feel a little sympathy and bad for England. Juz hope all England supporter and especially the player can recover from tis misery period. Get back soon Three Lions... Hope to see u next time as a Competitive side (wit a new Lions-Tamer for sure)... Roar !!!

Sick and Tired !!

of Acting
of Admiring
of Begging
of Cashing
of Commanding
of Complaining
of Craping
of Dinner-ing
of Doing
of Driving
of Envying
of Explaining
of Feeling
of Fighting
of Finding
of Hearing
of Liking
of Listening
of Looking
of Loving
of Managing
of Meeting
of Memorizing
of Mumbling
of Playing
of Pretending
of Reading
of Remember
of Studying
of Talking
of Thanking
of Thinking
of Typing
of Searching
of SMS-ing
of Visiting
of Waiting
of Watching
of Writing
of... etc.
*Only for 'some matters'

Wat had Happened to Vale !! Wat's goin wrong ??

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Falling ANGEL !!

Yup... For everyone who surf Vale Honeyee. I hope u will Thank me for sharing this YouTube vid, after watched it... (for those who haven't hear or know this gal)

*Actually i would like to bring the vid to this post, but i just cant find the way. Hmmm...still wondering how ??

Nvm, Vale will guide u. Simply surf or click (make it easier for those net-nerds who dont noe the site-link) YouTube. Then, type in Connie Talbot *pic in the Search box. Wait for few seconds. When there are videos emerge, simply choose and click anyone of relate video. There's the Little Angel everyone mentioning...

Who's Connie Talbot ?? A 6 years old talent found on Britain's Got Talent (BGT) show. Famous with her singing "Over the Rainbow" and "Ben" during the competition. Sadly, she only managed to finish the competition as a runner-up. Means...she miss the opportunity to perform infront of Queen Elizabeth. But i think the Queen will like to call upon this Little Angel, if the Queen had heard it.

Honestly, the very first time i saw and heard she sang... Her voice really do touched Vale, Ohhh.......... What a Cute Angel with such a adorable look and touching vocal...

*Take Notes :

do send some Little Angel down to earth, all over the Globe. Just waiting for us to find or discover them. But what we surely knew was, Fairy-Tooth Mom still got the permission to take Angel's teeth, wuahaha !!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Impossible !!!

世上还有什么不可能 我都做到 无论碰到什么问题 我都不会烦恼
生命是我的执照 让我能够升到最高
不可能的梦想 不可能的目标 我都做得到

不要因为在后台打架 上报
难道你们看不到 我在电影,唱片,时装的广告
我挨了第一拳不回手 第二拳向你微笑 不怪你 因为你不了
我叫廖竟源 我一直努力
跟我一起成立一个 世界闻名CLOT Family

世上还有什么不可能 我都做到
无论碰到什么问题 我都不会烦恼
生命是我的执照 让我能够升到最高
不可能的梦想 不可能的目标 我都做得到

我知道我的兄弟会站在我背后 我不必开口
有目共睹 你说Hip Hop撑不着 我还在录 要不要跟我赌一赌
你输 因为这里有我开路
我用生命做赌注 (你筹码不足)
我不只一双手 有千手观音 若真没才华 那我现在干吗
怎么可能有好莱坞电影 时装音乐在全球发行
我不迷信 只信自己 在世界上

世上还有什么不可能 我都做到
无论碰到什么问题 我都不会烦恼
生命是我的执照 让我能够升到最高
不可能的梦想 不可能的目标 我都做得到

就算我跌倒 也会把头抬起来
每当我失败 从头再来
我学会牺牲 为了学业
为了感情 为了谋生 为了力量让自己生存 为了控制我自己的人生

但对于生活我问心无愧 我一直往上 (不怕困难)
两通电话一顿饭 不可能的对我来说一点也不难

无论碰到什么问题 我都不会烦恼
生命是我的执照 让我能够升到最高
不可能的梦想 不可能的目标

Over You

Now that it`s all said and done
I can`t believe you were the one
To build me up and tear me down
Like an old abandoned house
What you said when you left
Just left me cold and out of breath
I felt as far and way to deep
Guess I let you get the best of me...

Well I never saw it coming
I should have started running
A long, long time ago !!
And I never thought I`d doubt you
I`m better off without you
More than you, more than you know
I`m slowly getting closure
I guess it`s really over
I`m finally gettin` better
Now I`m picking up the pieces
From spending all of these years
Putting my heart back together
`Cause the day I thought I`d never get through
I got over you !!!

You took a hammer to these walls
Dragged the memories down the hall
Packed your bags and walked away
There was nothing I could say,
And when you slammed the front door shut
A lot of other`s opened up
So did my eyes so I could see
That you never were the best for me...

Well I never saw it coming
I should have started running
A long, long time ago !!
And I never thought I`d doubt you
I`m better off without you
More than you, more than you know
I`m slowly getting closure
I guess it`s really over
I`m finally getting` better
Now I`m picking up the pieces
From spending all of these years
Putting my heart back together
`Cause the day I thought I`d never get through
I got over you !!!

And I never saw it coming
I should have started running
I`m finally getting better
Now I`m picking up the pieces
From spending all of these years
Putting my heart back together

The day I thought I`d never get through
I got over you !!!

*Dedicated to a gal (NeMRaC)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

(VALE) 2 Decades + 1

Hell YEAH... Vale's Big-Day (04 Oct) had past, that's mean Vale officially became an Adult already. Donno whether should feel positive (Happy, Glad, Proud) or negative (Sad, Depress) sides. My sis told me that I'm now on the peak for the categories of Adult. Ya' rite... gettin older also, that's for sure... Hah !!
04 Oct, truly exhausted... (actually i kept myself 'busy' by arranged that day schedule more pack than usual day, Cheers), but worth every minutes. Began with classes, then foreign language test. Finish, rush bac home to do last min. preparation b4 sat for Management test...
End, dinner with my god-sis, frenz and juniors. At there i got my 1st B.Day Cake for tis year (not big, but i do appreciate it). Thanks You !!

Then, bac home hv a break b4 my house mates made a late-celebration surprise (nearly a hour b4 05 Oct). Laughing and joking around, there i got my 2nd B.Day Cake (pic). THX U !!Next day Nitez, another late-celebration (but nvm). Being informed only 2 or 3 person dinner, turned out... 13 galz and 2 guy(include Vale). Woo...little surprise coz so many people showed up. O.K., Vale's 3rd B.Day Cake carried out by Mr Bean and my ex-wife, Hahaha. Again, good surprise party by you all, Muchas Gracias amigas y amigo !! Pretty...*By the way, introduce my Course mates (pic). All are translators...don't mess wit us, we fluent in Chinese, English, Malay, Local-dialects, Japanese, Spanish, France, German, Korea... That's enough to crank you down, Haha !!

That's all... Vale wanna take tis opportunity to shout out to u Guys or Galz for throwing me all kinds of B.Day Parties and Wishes. I really do Appreciate it and sincerely from my Heart, i wanna call... THANKS YOU !!!

Monday, September 24, 2007


Damn, Fellin... Tired Tired Tired tired tired tired Tired Tired Tired tired tired tired Tired Tired Tired tired tired tired Tired Tired Tired tired tired tired Tired Tired Tired tired tired tired Tired Tired Tired tired tired tired Tired Tired Tired tired tired tired Tired Tired Tired tired tired tired Tired Tired Tired tired tired tired Tired Tired Tired tired tired tired Tired Tired Tired tired tired tired Tired Tired Tired tired tired tired Tired Tired Tired tired tired tired Tired Tired Tired tired tired tired Tired Tired Tired tired tired tired Tired Tired Tired tired tired tired Tired Tired Tired tired tired tired Tired Tired Tired tired tired tired Tired Tired Tired tired tired tired Tired Tired Tired tired tired tired Tired Tired Tired tired tired tired Tired Tired Tired tired tired tired Tired Tired Tired tired tired tired Tired Tired Tired tired tired tired Tired Tired Tired tired tired tired Tired Tired Tired tired tired tired Tired Tired Tired tired tired tired... HaHaHa, Crap !! B-Sh*t... Dope................................................................................................!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Seoul-Garden (LATE)

1. Ease ourselves at Seoul-Garden (Gurney Plaza). The only 6 guys...

2. Making a snap infront Seoul-Garden (Main Entrance).

I got to throw a downward "C"... Hahah, callin' a dope for Vale.
4. 'Unaware-Look' as Demanded by some galz...

5. Kudos for the person who took tis Amazing-Pic.
(means, no one. CyberShot him/her self...Haha)

6. Last snap before move to Cinema... There goes, 6 guy 5 gal.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


It's bein a whole month i didn't post any blog at Honeyee. What to say, i really like to blog but just can't free or find a time (good relaxin time...). A phrase that didn't came across me for this whole July, True !! For sure, Vale's life recently very hectic. Busy deal with academic stuffs, PeeBeeTee events, Singing matters, Frenz, everyday Life and etc. Those activities also the already bein filtered and think twice by Vale b4 knob my head, but still...LOTs. 24/7 really a problem for me, too little of time...When talking bout Hectic, it also equal to the word - Tired. Yup, Vale totally exhausted and few days nearly out of energy... but still i can coped with my busy life just by taking a nap or spend more times on my messy bed (Re-Energize).
It's bein a month, does it come to an End ?? Hell No, for sure... Wanna know why...?? Just take a glance on Vale's calender on my desk... Activities (not include academic one) way till mid-August, that's also already confirmed activities, after mid-August... don't dare to act like you know. Hah !! Still, Life must go on... I will always remember the main purpose i stop by this island.
Front Line Soldier, VALE... MARCH !!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Vale's Fakin'

Aaaaahhhhh... Hate it !! I'm one of those fuckin early-bird reach the island. Hate myself, cause tis nope Vale's attitude, spoiled !! Damn... Since F.Flyz reached, already stucked here for days, past day. Hell !! Last few days, Struggled doing awful things, felt sinful towards wat i've done. Also, acting as a nice-guy...wanna Puke !! Piss off toward some bitches out there, you ain't nobody...fuck yourself, you make me wanna bang you off, Bitch-sss !!
Not yet over, still got some stupid 'activities' have to deal with...feelin suck for keep pretending. No Offence !! That's my prob., still haven't figured out why i involve with it. Dumb...
Since arrive, Vale's life still a mess, donno when will gettin better...Start prayin. No time to Relax...must keep improving myself. Yup !!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Since Labour Day, going through house re-color, funeral, frenz visited, gathering, roof searching etc. Today, end of a month half 'vacation'. Now bloggin tis with relaxin mood at sunny hometown, next stuff have to cope with dark and lonely independent nitez. Terrifying...
No 24/7 net surfin, No console to press, No loud music can jamn, No big screen, No delicious mom's food and whole lots No !! It happen when u stuck in an island. But...there's challenging academic, independent life and Frenz... Thats tempting my heart a bit. For sure, life's must keep going... Remember, you wanna achieve high...Sacrifice is a must word on the road to next level (Realizing your Dream).
C'mon VALE !! Take the challenge, it's queuing for you...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Misery !!

Feelin hateful to myself since discovered that i forgot such a big day for a special and meaningful person in my life...Then, Now also Future. This memorable day happens annually, but this year i truly hopelessly forgot it. Juz found up after can this happen?? Such an awful mistake for Vale, bro also for sis... Unpredicted.
Another Misery is numbering. Since when ages does matter, for Vale?? Feelin sorrow, although in the mean time feelin Glad and Proud towards Vale's special idol, for still caring us till this old ages... Nevertheless, similar as his lifetime partner. Love both of you much.............................[INFINITY]........................................!!
Truly (bottom of Vale's Heart), i will completely try my best to achieve high...
Juz to take over the role and burden, and let both of you enjoy the ages ahead. You both deserve way better life and wealth, compared to now...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

CMD 1st Album !!


One of the CMD (CLOT Media Devision) CEO, Edc. Chen (Hong Kong youngest CEO) had released his 1st chinese debut album (in hip-hop stream), dated 13 June 2007.
"Let Me Re-introduce Myself" is an anticipating album which mostly done by Edc. himself, also collaborate with Grammy Award winner - Kanya West, Jay Z producer - Just Blaze, Japan hip-hop big bro - Muro, Hong Kong international DJ - DJ Tommy... etc.
Edc. gathered a bunch of music elites around the world just to produced a high qualities chinese hip-hop album. Aimed to bust your head out and Re-recognized a different person with a brand New style.

Before and after the released, just 3 single (记得我吗?, Act Like You Know, 不可能) being officially air-play by CMD, include 1 music video (记得我吗?). Wanna take a first look, just google at YouTube or CLOT official site, whole lots to come... For me, this whole album is 'bout the yesterday, now and future stories of Edc. himself. Edc. tried to express his feelings and opinions through song & lyrics, but no profit based companies will dare to realize this kind of risk taking concepts, so Edc. only can realize his dream just by buiding his own company, that's CMD rite now.
That's enough...just go check this album up, no matter what channel you are using. So, Move move move...

Song List:
03.Act Like u Know
08.My Baby

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Back to Skool !!

Damn, juz now found out another 2 more weeks i gonna wake up in Pearl Island again... Hmm....should consider as nice or nope ?? Although nowadays Vale already enough Re-charging (rejuvenate), some more overload. Can't wait to waste my energy towards all sort of things or problems...
It's being month and a half loafing at hometown. Is it a time wasting or meaningful holiday ?? I predicted, 70 & 30...yup. At home, i truly acting a 'moron' around and with my crazy & stupid attitudes, which only Vale's family members knew... C'mon, that's the meaning of home SWEET home. Doing wat i wan to Do... Hah !! That's why, now i begin to filter my attitudes and prepare for next stage ahead...
Believe it or not, i can keep craping whole lot of f**k ass things rite now...but who cares and i don't wan... Last nite bump in a gal, who i suddenly felt she quiet pretty... It' juz piece of cake if i wanna approach her, but i don't & won't, Hah !! Suddenly, some ordinary galz out there turned pretty in my eyes. Oh holy shit, where's my tastes and qualities gone, where... Is it yesterday Vale began to change ?? Hope nope...
Makes Me Wonder..............

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Quiet Accurate...

I received a mail from my fren, subject to be birthday months can predict wat kind of person u are... Questionin :What were you born in... It says a whole lot about you...!! After reading it, found it very accurate wor... Here's mine, check it up.

Trustworthy and loyal. Very passionate and dangerous. Wild at times. Knows how to have fun. Sexy and mysterious. Everyone is drawn towards your inner and outer beauty and independent personality. Playful, but secretive. Very emotional and temperament sometimes. Meets new people easily and very social in a group. Fearless and independent. Can hold their own. Stands out in a crowd. Essentially very smart. Usually, you ever begin a relationship with someone from this month, hold on to them because their one of a kind.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

DUBAI (sudden city)

Dubai, one of the seven Emirates which constitute United Arab Emirates (UAE). The place or country which i shall and will visit (just the matter of time). Joe public familiar with Dubai as a country (or city) with its richness of petroleum and natural gas. Other than that, Dubai sudden development also came from tourism sector and a load of foreign investor. I wanna thanks them, cause they made a truly drastic manufacture (buildings) revolution in around 30 years of time (F**K that).

-Proof ?? Let see...
Early 1990s, near-empty desert.
What a dull city... Like u can see from the pic.
(roundabout as the target spot)

-Nowadays, **Poof~~
8 lanes of traffic course between 'bout 1.6km of Skyscrapers.
(took only around 10++ years time, pretty...)

Why i'm just so admire and favor towards Dubai ?? Here's why...
After the super massive sudden development, the city doesn't seem to cease... Loads of world record buildings still to come.

Here, check the list...

1. Human made island - Palm Island (pic) and The World. This two man-made island are cover with hotels and high class accomodation (bungalow type). Also, as Dubai city International Shipping Port.

2. World tallest building - Burj Dubai (pic). This cloud touching building taller than record holder nowadays, Taipei 101 (which already visited by Vale). Stand straight, it can reach 700 meter (at least). (June 2009)

3. Dynamic architecture building - Da Vinci Tower Dubai (pic). A 68-story tower which each floor of the tower can or will rotate individually.

4. World longest Hotels - Bawadi. A project stretch nearly 10km long. Combination of 31 big and well-known hotels, also 100 theaters, 1500 high-class restaurants and not less, shopping malls. (2010-2014)

5. Falcon city of wonders (pic) - A city with shape like a falcon view from the satellite. There are replicas of the Seven Wonders of the World, plus modern wonders such as Eiffel Tower and Taj Mahal.

6. Snowdome - Indoor ski resort at Dubai, cold man !! (2008)

7. Aqua Dunya Theme Park - The largest theme park in the Middle East. (2009)

8. Great Dubai Wheel - The world's largest observation wheel. (2009)

9. Universal City and Studios Dubailand - Theme park (2010)

10. Dubailand - A mega-project twice the size of Disney World. (2020)
p/s: Hei, i can bring my children along with me, already... Haha.

That's only 10 upcoming projects i interested with... There still many outrageous projects at each and every part of Dubai City constructing every second right now. Also, don't ya forget the famous and landmark of Dubai, the Al Burj Hotel (pic above) and beautiful Jumeirah Beach (night scene pic).

Every year, estimated around 1thousand 500million visitors flow into Dubai. In future, i will also contribute the number, maybe 1, 2 or 5 or more visitor (maybe my galfren family also wanna follow, who knows ??) Hah !! Ain't Dreaming...

Monday, June 4, 2007

RE cently...

It's bein whole May i settle at Kay Tee... Finally, i get to spell out the word B-O-R-E-D. A month time is really enough for me to handle all sort of matters i predicted before. Since left another month ahead... I can't stay quiet anymore, feelin gonna turn into a Dumb or Lunkas soon. Begin felt wasting the flow of time...especially at young age like this, Hah.
Plan - begin Meeting frenz every nite... Reading ?? (Vale favorite mag)... Loafing around... Cracking around... bla bla bla.
Although house juz had a renovation (the color and the furniture), dad on the other hand begin busy to find a New roof to put us under. Juz a week after Moving my territory, now, i gonna Move my ass, Haha. But should be happen on next year time. 2008. Nah... i can wait, nth to rush for... How bout car changing ?? Hehe.
Back from a nice-hair cut... Realize handful of house-assign from parent waiting for me to accomplish. Plus, pending Taiwanese series, also Prison Breaks... Heard it ?? And the STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl. Vale's part-time job (a crazee stalker). Schedule full for weeks ahead, Yeah !!
Piss off...

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Life In Cartoon Motion

MIKA - a Lebanon singer who based at London. His debut album released around February 2007, but till last few weeks i juz discovered such a amazing album. Misery !! I definitely will own this top-rated album, juz the matter of time.
Bout Life In Cartoon Motion... it took me second played to fall in love with. The single i like most is My Interpretation (got related with wat i'm rite doin now, haha), also Grace Kelly (the chart topper), Lollipop (the funky rhythm), Love Today... Relax,Take it Easy... Billy Brown... Big Girl (You are Beautiful)... Happy Ending, etc.
A nice to listen album, 10 tracks and i recommend all 10 tracks. Maybe your taste ain't similar wit mine, but it's still an album which truly worth and not time-wasting to drop an ear for... Don't get freak by his high-pitching vocal, that's the unique about Mika. You'll like it, like i do...
Still unfamiliar wit him or want to know him more... Simple, google Mika !! Honestly, i addicted to Mika song for straight 5 days already... Sorry mom... Hah!!
What you waiting and still wondering for... Go check it or him up !!! Loser... Haha.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Tearless... We'll come back !!

The big clash on Thursday morning already turned into another chapter of CL history... The Lads done a great job, but the lucky-angel certainly not by our side. Nothing much to express and Disappointment is the word.
After watched the heart-sour moment when the person who lifted the big-ear not captain Gerrard... Lying on bed, i just cant fall asleep, not because the Latte kept thinking (everything is over), i drink... but the sadness paranoid me and asking (dreaming ?? really over ??), saying (over, go to sleep...).
What happened was, i stayed awake for the whole early morning...
For 3 and 4 days, i tried to avoid watching news, reading newspaper, surfing internet which got related to who winning the big-ear... *What an avoider.
Now, all (CL news) has come to an end... Transfer market reopen, that's the Hot topic rite now.
For The Lads, M Gonzalez, B Zenden, C Bellamy, R Fowler, J Dudek had been transfer out. Voronin, and Leiva will wear red shirt for the next season... Maybe for Villa, Milito, also Simao.
Surely, Liverpool will be the strong and big contender for 07/08 League and Cups... cause we got a great Manager (Rafa), Money (Gillett & Hicks), world-class Players (The Lads), deep History (all the Cups), loyal Fans (The Kops... include me) and historical AnField...
-You'll Never Walk Alone- !!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Encantado Blogspot !!

First of all, here i wanna shout up to Vale's Territory for ritely doin his job and shared my feelings, no matter high or low for tis past few months. Kudos !! Sadly, he had to come for a early retirement coz some unavoidable mistake and services. Vale will visit u once in a while in future...
Back on, say Hello to Blogspot (The B)... It'll certainly the place i left my trace for weeks, months, years, decades...ahead. If possible, i won't change the host tired as moving things.
Hope that the function and facilities at Blogspot way better than other blogger spot... So to prove that my choice was right... Hah !!
Many things to express rite now, but tried to clear cut all the nonsense (wasting time). Watchup for my honeyee, it'll keep on updated tis upcoming days... Let Get It Started !!
Final words, B-Boy Rulez... Hahahaha !!