Saturday, January 5, 2008

Congrate Bro Boy !!

Yup, like the caption... Today is the Big & Happy day for him. Wanna shout Congratulation to Bro Boy for officially have a Wife in his life.

Apologize for cant attend ur wedding 'today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow'. I noe it'll sure be a Happy and Merry atmosphere at Klang, before or after. Simply b'coz you and me noe how many relatives we have... Haha !!

One and another, from Bro Miao, to Sis Yee, to Bro Kim, to Sis Pei Pei, to Sis Ling, and now Bro Boy... Seem tht Vale's cousin ages between 26 - 30 began to write a New chapter in their own Lifes. Hmm...probably next time I meet them, I've to play with their kids already. Funny scene, Haha... They are the 3rd (or 4th) Gen. in the Big Family of LEOW , i guess... Next up, will be Vale's Bro badge. Then, just come to Vale's badge... (still far upon)

Behind the scene ~ actually is mom pressed Vale to make decision. She gv me 2 choices, whether (1) 2 flight tickets to KL (Bro Boy's wedding) & bac Penang, or (2) 1 flight ticket back KT (b4 C.N.Y). Tough call... I choose number 2, although the 1 ticket equal the price of the 2 tickets... Cut throat. Thx to my 'sponsorship', Daddy !! Hehe...

p/s: Bro Boy probably wont google to Honeyee. But I blog tis, sincerely from the bottom of my heart to Congrats him. So, who care Bro Boy noe it or nope... Tht's VaLe attitude !!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

1 January 2008

First and Foremost, Vale wanna take tis opportunity to wish you all a HAPPY & Prosperous NEW YEAR !! A big Welcome to 2008... Waddup !! and,
Gone going 2007...I'll definitely miss 'you' somehow.

Felt like need to blog somethings today, no matter how crap it is... Juz simply b'coz today is the Special 1st of January 2008.
Begin the 1st day of tis year (i mean start from 0000 hour in the morning) in a not 'Romantic' but very Relax and Smooth atmosphere, chilling with a bunch of know and unknow frenz, Drank alcohol (made out of wine+soft drink+vodka), Chit-chat, Having snack, Countdown etc. Nice & Amuse moment... Cheers !!
*some little 'secret' people surrounding Vale tht Nitez donno is...
SMSing with Her from 2007 to 2008 (Thumb up for Maxis crew for managed the most congested period so well... or maybe everyone buzy looking at the Sky @ Fireworks and didnt reach their cellphone, Hmm...), and first message for year 2008 is from Her, tht's Feel Good for Vale. But, also Feel Misery is Vale cant celebrate together with Her... ... ...
It'll be a Wonderful beginning if Her is by Vale side (together).
Hope the cute "Ogui" Vale gifted Her can done the job. *wink

Back to serious part. 366 days ahead...many many things will happen and Vale, hopefully gonna make it a better year than 2007. Coz last year got many unpredicted Bad things happened on Vale. And some of it do defeated me... This year, Vale must be Tougher, Smarter, more Hardworking to make it a Good Life for Vale, Vale's Family, people whom Vale do care about...
So, 2008 Here we go !!

p/s: Last and not least, dont forget 2008 most happening event for all the Chinese around the world, the 2008 Beijing Olympic... Yeah !! & mom, as promised. You both still got time to change your mind whether wanna fly to China or not ?? Sis, bro & me will arrange a wonderful trip just for you both. YUP !!