Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2nd Day of CNY !!

25 January, 2009 (Noon)

After having lunch, wandering around at the house wit nth much can do.
Bro decide bring his wife, me & lil Nicole LoafING around to nearby Malls. Why nearby ?? ' Coz dont wanna late for the Reunion dinner ar.
So, we 'travel' to Tesco -> Baskin Robbins -> Watsons -> Giant & then back home.

[4.03 pm]
Since no Haagen-Dazs outlet nearby, so BR will do it too. Hmm...VaLe's best BR combination till now. Forgot wat's the double-scopes call, it's the mix of coffee + choco + hazelnut + almond + caramel + chips = wat u see in the pic. Taste NiCe !!

26 January, 2009 (Noon)

Just came back 拜年 from 三姑 house, immediately being call out to have 初一 lunch.

[2.39 pm]
End up, having Lunch at PizzaHut. All together 17 people (if I didnt forgot anyone), which make up of 3 families & 3 independents. HaHa...

[2.40 pm]
Look at tis 'smart' kid, even playing puzzles also need a 'references'. Oiii...that's call cheating ler.
Still, I encouraged him to do it so that he can quietly sit at his place. haHa...
okay okay, compliment for paying that much attention on copying.

[3.28 pm]
Not even an hour later, all done with our Lunch. Stomach FuLL...
Oh ya, shout out to Bro Siang for treating us good.

26 January, 2009 (Nite)
After dinner, group of 10++ ppl 'zoom' to 东禅寺.
(Brief : a Big temple covered a wide area at Jenjarong, a rural area of Selangor)
A must visit place every CNY, if VaLe drop by to Klang.
Here some of the pics (wit the Time VaLe took it)...

[8.22 pm]

[9.06 pm]

[9.08 pm]

27 January, 2009 (Noon)
[5.26 pm]
Snap tis pic while shopping at Mid Valley new wing : The GARDEN. The brands at there a bit out of VaLe level, though still a very Classy place to hang around with Family. ^^
Tis decoration here in the middle of somewhere in The GARDEN, totally make everyone whose pass-by obsess, including VaLe.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 & 2009 InterChange

VaLe wanna wish everyone, whoever reading this line...
A very Happy New Year !! Feliz año Nueve~ !!
GoodBye & Thanks you 2008...
Welcome 2009.

~ Hope this will be a Better year ahead ~

December 31, 2008

VaLe counting down the last few hours of year 2008 at the QB.
Tht whole nite juz can't walked, watched, ate etc. pleasantly.
Busy replying overloads messages. Damn it...wasted !!
(p/s: not that I blame u guys, no body fault actually)
January 1, 2009
After celebration... SegaFredo with another 'bunch' of frenz.
Main attention for the nite -> the 'coffee'.
Wonder why...?? Go check it urself... Haha !!