Monday, October 19, 2009

Fuu...yoOoO ~

Aston Martin One-77
- Need more explanation ?? -

- 'chio' than Aston Martin DB9... -

Dollar Bill with Obama portrait
- after James Madison -

Sony PSP Go...
- better stay on with my slim version -

Apple's iPod Touch (3rd Gen)
- gotta own it, for sure. Only time is the barrier -

农历 九月 初一

Came across a BMW M5 while took car to 'bath'.
p/s : If not the Newest, also will be the Recently version for it's kind.

October 18, 2009 (Sunday)
九月 初一 (Chinese Lunar Calender)
Happened to be my Chinese's Birthday.
p/s : Now that I know...

Request of the Day
split second Bro went to buy it back.

Cake cutting ceremony...

No portrait pic, coz didn't 'makeup'.
p/s : Don't want to spoil my image.

Hate me. Wuahaha...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ya Ya's Blog

~ Ya Ya ~
The reason VaLe went back Home...

~ Tenderness ~
"Grandma" carrying her "Granddaughter"

~ Baby ~
Cute & Adorable

- Candid Cam -
Surely, without Ya Ya permission.
p/s : the sleeping pose she like most.

~ Looking at "Grandma" ~
After 'Eat' & Before Bath.

- No direct pic -
Ya Ya just reluctant to look direct into the cam.

- So... -
took pic when Ya Ya sleep soundly. ^^

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Two Decade and Three Years

Finally, the day has arrived. 4 of October 2009.


First to message : wEn
Last to message : - Figuring -
First belated wish : 'shang mei'
Last belated wish : Fen

Day Begin : Listening to Mika new single, "Blue Eyes" & surf the world wide web.
Day Out : Lunch with friends at a Taiwan cuisine restaurant at Gurney Plaza.
Day Evening : Celebrity Fitness doing "Body Combat". Huh...
Day Nite : Simple dinner with roommate.
Day End : Watching Live match between Liverpool vs Chelsea at a stall name Nasi Lemak Liverpool. 95% Liverpool supporters.
Day Surprise : - Nil -
Day Upset : A little expectation.
Whole Day : Receiving "Wishes" message & Replying "Thanks You" message.

Self Grab B'Day Present :

Saturday, October 3, 2009

3 October 2009 [ Saturday ]

VaLe wanna take this opportunity to wish all Honeyee passerby a very...





Pic of the Day :-
Public Bank's Moon Cake
[ special made ]