Thursday, May 24, 2007

Encantado Blogspot !!

First of all, here i wanna shout up to Vale's Territory for ritely doin his job and shared my feelings, no matter high or low for tis past few months. Kudos !! Sadly, he had to come for a early retirement coz some unavoidable mistake and services. Vale will visit u once in a while in future...
Back on, say Hello to Blogspot (The B)... It'll certainly the place i left my trace for weeks, months, years, decades...ahead. If possible, i won't change the host tired as moving things.
Hope that the function and facilities at Blogspot way better than other blogger spot... So to prove that my choice was right... Hah !!
Many things to express rite now, but tried to clear cut all the nonsense (wasting time). Watchup for my honeyee, it'll keep on updated tis upcoming days... Let Get It Started !!
Final words, B-Boy Rulez... Hahahaha !!

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