Tuesday, October 16, 2007

(VALE) 2 Decades + 1

Hell YEAH... Vale's Big-Day (04 Oct) had past, that's mean Vale officially became an Adult already. Donno whether should feel positive (Happy, Glad, Proud) or negative (Sad, Depress) sides. My sis told me that I'm now on the peak for the categories of Adult. Ya' rite... gettin older also, that's for sure... Hah !!
04 Oct, truly exhausted... (actually i kept myself 'busy' by arranged that day schedule more pack than usual day, Cheers), but worth every minutes. Began with classes, then foreign language test. Finish, rush bac home to do last min. preparation b4 sat for Management test...
End, dinner with my god-sis, frenz and juniors. At there i got my 1st B.Day Cake for tis year (not big, but i do appreciate it). Thanks You !!

Then, bac home hv a break b4 my house mates made a late-celebration surprise (nearly a hour b4 05 Oct). Laughing and joking around, there i got my 2nd B.Day Cake (pic). THX U !!Next day Nitez, another late-celebration (but nvm). Being informed only 2 or 3 person dinner, turned out... 13 galz and 2 guy(include Vale). Woo...little surprise coz so many people showed up. O.K., Vale's 3rd B.Day Cake carried out by Mr Bean and my ex-wife, Hahaha. Again, good surprise party by you all, Muchas Gracias amigas y amigo !! Pretty...*By the way, introduce my Course mates (pic). All are translators...don't mess wit us, we fluent in Chinese, English, Malay, Local-dialects, Japanese, Spanish, France, German, Korea... That's enough to crank you down, Haha !!

That's all... Vale wanna take tis opportunity to shout out to u Guys or Galz for throwing me all kinds of B.Day Parties and Wishes. I really do Appreciate it and sincerely from my Heart, i wanna call... THANKS YOU !!!

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*LitTLe paNDa* said...

happy birthday lor~~
exam is coming..then wish u best of luck!..dun always online til late at nite lor~~ =p
stay cool~ =)