Friday, February 29, 2008

~29~ February 2008

What a special day !! Only happens once in every 4 years, similar with the Olympic game and FIFA World Cup. Although the date is very special, but wat Vale had done today totally uncool, damn lame. Boringgg...
Woke up at 9.30am, rushed out to settle and submit my assignment. Then, straight went to Interpretation class. Bac home, lunch with house-fella and then nap for 2 hours+- (last few days really lack of proper sleeping time, which made my face look Awful than before !!). Woke, then had a quick dinner b4 went to PBT's AGM which lasted for 9 till 10 'magnificent' hours. Another -> time, energy, money wasting event. Arse !! There goes my 29 Feb for year 2008. See 'you' again next 4 years (Hmm, where I would be then...Wondering).
Emphasizing...Vale's life recently again, huge Mess !!! Things juz totally un-fave with me...Sadness plus Misery plus Hopeless, equal...???? Donno why, Happiness come and go so quickly, but Miseries come and stop for a very long period. Arghhh.....!!
*Take a glance on new Mitsubishi Concept car which just been revealed recently. (It's HOT !!)
p/s: Seem like my recent posts loads with alphabets and words... That truly make my Honeyee looks damn dull. So from now on, Vale decided to put some pics along with Vale's latest post (like above). Juz hope to picture-ful my Honeyee.


YJ said...

time,energy,money wasting event.. COOL, like it!!! haha~

Things wil turn out better...Just the matter of time.

..趴地熊.. said...

yup...agree with wat YJ said..=)
dun forget i'll always by ur side k! n giv u sum power to become stronger! =p
take good care!!

ps: izzit YJ is YunJun??

Vale said...

Every cloud has a Silver Lining...
Thx for the comments.
Same to u both...