Thursday, April 24, 2008

~Merry Engagement~

Date : 11 APRIL 2008
Time : 0700 - 1200
Event : Bro & Hui Ling pre-wedding (Engagement)
Venue : "Zhong Hua Da Hui Tang"
: 70++

Let the picture guide u through this merrier day... ^^

Love is in the Air !!

Pre-wedding already such a great 'crowd' and noise. Cant imagine how the atmosphere on the real day. Anyway, endless congratulation to Bro for engaged with Hui Ling (or should Vale call 'da sao'). *wink


..趴地熊.. said...

congrats o!!!

ps: when's ur turn pulak?~ =p

Vale said...

Thanks you, behalf of my Bro. Thx !!
Wont 'happen' so soon, hopefully... ^^