Friday, August 8, 2008

8 - 8 - 08

8 of August 2008 (Friday). Wat a memorable, historic and 'Lucky' day for China & Chinese... For VaLe, begin today on 9.30am, coz 10am hv to attend a 'English pronunciation' class, Boring~ Then, lunch - stay at home - nap - dinner (too habit until the detail not so remember ady). Nite, VaLe hv to wait till 8.30pm before can watch the opening ceremony. That's also already missed few 'year-preparation' chapters, Damn... Blame who?? Blame no Astro at my Png apartment, also blame my laziness to go out & watch it outside. Nah... Spent more than 4-5 hours (sat/lie/stand/walked) watched the opening & 204 countries or 10708 athletes marched into the "Bird-Nest".

Here are few marvelous pic I get to grab from the net :-

The anticipating Beijing 2008 Olympic opening ceremony (directed by famous director, 张艺谋) pull up the curtain with heart-pumping performances.

An angle view inside the "Bird-Nest". The lights effect turn the stadium into Sea Blue.
Thousand of performers standing orderly in the middle of the stadium.

Same angle view a minute later. Whole stadium change into China's Red.

Welcome my Friends !!
(p/s : Do you know how many people are there in the pic??)
Feel free to count. Hah...

This circle-layer is make up from 2008 people, performing the 'Tai-Chi' formation.
Two thumbs up from VaLe for this performance. Simply Magnificent !!

Truly, China had brought out a Successful and Marvelous Olympic's Opening Ceremony. Although the torch lighting ceremony was kinda weird for VaLe, yet China done it in a totally different but New way, from Air. So, for the coming Summer's Olympic host, be prepare to squeeze your brain hard and beat that... Haha.

北 京 2008 奥 运 会 officially begin. YEAH !!

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