Monday, August 31, 2009

VaLe's Convo [Part.4 ~ Family]

Last but not least...

Final part of VaLe's Convo dedicated to
VaLe's Family members.

~ Happy Dad ~

My Big Bro
Thanks for using SLR snapping every Memorable moments

Family pic
opposite convo Hall [ USM-DTSP ]

VaLe with his Dad
at USM main entrance

My Big Sis

VaLe with his adorable Mom

"Da Shao" + baby - VaLe - Bro

Mom - VaLe - Sis - Dad

~ Mi Familia ~

Can't find a word for VaLe to express his Thankfulness towards his Lovable Family...
Btw, Daddy really Happy & Excited on that day...
Simply b'coz he get to sit in Graduation Hall again to witness his child graduate. ^^
Till then, ciao~

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