Sunday, September 13, 2009

Flash Mob !!

Surf through the net today, discovered this awesome video in YouTube. It's a performance during a concert, not just by the artists... But 20,000 crowd.

For the first time I watched the video, I wondered "Why the crowd look fucking dull & there's only a lady appreciate the performance." After the 1st chorus, segment followed by segment the crowd doing the same dance. Spreading like diseases. Then, I just realized that's a "performance" inside the crowd, thinking "Damn... That's Wicked & Awesome !!"

It's a Black Eyed Peas performance on stage, singing their new chart topping single "I Gotta Feeling" at the Oprah's 24th Season Kickoff Party. From the info VaLe retrieved, BEP was the planner for this "Flash Mob" event. They spread the news with the help of nowadays technology & Net power (Website, Twitter & Facebook). People to people, One by One... 20,000 people turned up on that day.

Since it's a Nice & Interesting Choreograph, VaLe want to share the video to all Honeyee passer-by. So, do spare some times to Take a Peek by clicking the line below.

Again, Kudos to all the Chicago people or crowd who made this stunning Big "performance".
You all Rockz !!!
Final say...

I Gotta Feeling !!! Wooooah...

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