Monday, October 19, 2009

农历 九月 初一

Came across a BMW M5 while took car to 'bath'.
p/s : If not the Newest, also will be the Recently version for it's kind.

October 18, 2009 (Sunday)
九月 初一 (Chinese Lunar Calender)
Happened to be my Chinese's Birthday.
p/s : Now that I know...

Request of the Day
split second Bro went to buy it back.

Cake cutting ceremony...

No portrait pic, coz didn't 'makeup'.
p/s : Don't want to spoil my image.

Hate me. Wuahaha...


..趴地熊.. said...

frankly tell, u "ben lai" tak da image liao ma.
so even u make up or tak make up, stil d same. haha.. =p

Vale said...

Wat !!!
wit u dont hv only, but...
Stil got wit others. HaHa