Tuesday, May 4, 2010

IsLand of Redang

Location : An Island at Terengganu
Date : April 30, 2010 - May 2, 2010
Duration : 3D2N

[MoRe MoRe IsLand]
Hot Sunny Day

[Laguna Redang]
Resort we going to check-in
[Clear Blue Ocean]
Wat a Fascinating view *Like

[Clear Reflection]
Just Me and You *wink
Redang Reef
[Lovey Dovey]
Everything seem to be Perfect
IsLand, Sunshine, Beach, and

'Illegal' Human Trafficking *TeeHee

VaLe with his Dearest Dear~ *muackz

[In a Relationship]
still need any Explanation?? ^^
VaLe & Denise

4 Persons = 2 Gals + 2 Guys = 2 Couples

[Denise & Elaine]
also spotted, my "Ji Gu" (standing at right corner)

Black & White

[Camwhore Queen]
VaLe's pretty dear

[xiao xiao bai]


Joyce said...

Yo..., got such a pretty catch didn't announce eh? (Well, sorry haven't been reading ur blog lately. lol) When wanna intro her to us? hehe =P

Vale said...

Joycie, quiet some times ady. Just didnt make it public. HeHe...
Emm...soon. Very soon... HaHa