Thursday, November 29, 2007

Vale gonna Grab...

Slim & Lite Play Station Portable (PSP)
by SONY *officially owned

Converse All Star X CLOT Fragment
*designed by Hiroshi Fujiwara
*owned, but different brand @ kind

by Apple

Pulse Adistar
by ADIDAS *Vale owned

M3 (concept) *Gv Vale some time
by BMW


*LitTLe paNDa* said...

got so much money to buy all ma??=p

Vale said...

Answer is NO, if for all together.
Recently... Will only 'grab' few gadgets first...

*LitTLe paNDa* said...

act failed to see the images tat u post up..but i can see tat u're planning to buy d converse shoes..hehe...

Vale said...

Cant see it...Hmm, wat's happened ??
Haha, i would like to buy the shoe, but it's Limited Edition in HK only... But i stil wil buy the kind of..