Thursday, November 22, 2007


Woahhhhh...!!! Wat a shocking mornin, when found out the famous Three Lions after being given so many chances... still cant done the job rightly and disappointed their supporter again. Dumb !!

'Congrats' for not reachin next year Euro 08. Since like when... year '94 didnt made it for World Cup U.S.A (major competition). Surely, the player can take time 'around' the world, spend time with families, become a couch-potato and cheers for other countries...during tis championship period. Wat a way to take a rest.
Honestly and Eventually, Vale not a supporter nor an enemy of White-army. I'm not... !! Just felt that i like to say somethings bout it.

Next year EURO 08... U wont see players like Gerrard, Lampard, Rooney, Beckham, Terry, Crouch, Carrick, Ferdinand, Ashley Cole, both Owen-s and surely the shadow of... Steve McLaren. Coz Mc Clown being sacked by Eng-FA hours after the match. Tht's wat we call Football Reality... WuaHahaha !!

But, Vale still feel a little sympathy and bad for England. Juz hope all England supporter and especially the player can recover from tis misery period. Get back soon Three Lions... Hope to see u next time as a Competitive side (wit a new Lions-Tamer for sure)... Roar !!!

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