Sunday, February 1, 2009

3rd to 7th day of CNY

27 to 31 January

Bak Ku Teh
Another Must when come to Klang... "Bak Ku Teh" (the synonym for Klang) as breakfast. NiCe !! Some more on tht day, bump in with relatives from another House. The 'atmosphere'... Incredible !!

Sakae Sushi
Finally, get to taste Sakae Sushi... Of course, treated by VaLe's Sis. Along wit mom, bro & 'da shao'. After tired walking around & done some shopping. Sit down, then pick watever I like... Eating, Chating, Joking, Laughing around... Nth more RelaxING like tis~

Nokia 5800
OMG, sis finally get herself a brand new phone. Nokia 5800 [XpressMusic] worth rm1.4k.
Hito gadget for the next few months. Can't believe VaLe's Sis (a person not so into high-tech gadget) own it. Truly, wicked gadget but some unperfect points or problems.

New Born
Congrats to bro Keong & wife for adding the population of the Earth, HaHa. Merrier the whole house again. VaLe took the pic of this new born cutie while he's sleeping... Shhh~

While posting tis blog, VaLe ady arrived at the Island... The long anticipated 'peak-time' of CNY 2009 gonna end soon. Now is time to 'adjust the sail of mind'. Lots of challenges waiting for me for the few months ahead... Damn !!

Appreciate every days, hours, minutes & seconds... ^^

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