Monday, February 23, 2009

VaLe & Mr. KH

Time showed 3 o'clock in the early freaking morning. VaLe stil hanging at cafe wit 'company' partner or G-Trans assistant manager, also along wit his few co-workers.
Mind that same day 11 o'clock in the morning, both of us got a presentation to rush. Just to introduce our company, "G-Trans" to some ('bout 50) potential clients.

Rant : 6 people project, turn up only 2 man show. Stil, wit Mr. KH as my project's partner, we managed to do it, even in a knit of time. Although we stil meet up to finalize few hours before the presentation. Simply b'coz we both hv the same habit. Everything must be done accordingly & perfectly.

If this 2 guy get to tag as a Team (or Group).
Nth is Impossible for them to achieve Success & Fame.

and also...

p/s : wanna shout out to KH for being a Nice fren & Good partner on everything. Glad to know you for sure... Appreciate~

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