Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fearless Taylor Swift

An incredible album !! VaLe highly recommend all 'viewer' to listen all the songs in tis album. Damn freaking NiCe !!

Taylor 'Alison' Swift
an American country-pop singer & songwriter

Taylor's 2nd album, Fearless


YJ~ said...

Hey how are you? long time no see... kekekeke

When getting married woh.... =p

Vale said...

Wei...suprise to see ur comment.
'Ah Ma' + 'sis YJ' + fren ... HaHa
When go abroad aso didnt leave a word... Sigh~
Where u now??

YJ~ said...

OH No~~ Today only realise ur reply =p

I m in germany d, for almost two months... Ehmm, everything was in a rush i would say, and somemore i dun go to skul that often before i left, so basically i dun bid farewell to anyone in campus also! sorry la~~~

Was abit regret geh, never mind la, when i come back, i still can dig u out from somewhere...Malaysia is so small only..keke

So, How's life treating you??

Vale said...

Germany...!! Then~
Guten Tag. Wie geht's ? Haha...
Ic, when coming bac ??
Me... Alles ist in ordnung.
Finish study & wandering at home & try looking for job. Tht's all.

YJ~ said...

Wey, don't speak Deutsch to me, i hate it =p

You know German?? Cool, then you should come here, they are all so proud with their language until they don't bother to speak English... wth

I might face the same situation like you when i go back in end of August, maybe worse, cause i don't bother to do anything here~


Take care, next time bring me to redang ya!!! I wanna have a re-visit!!

Vale said...

Haha...sure dont noe lar. Juz noe few simple words.
Is it...ic ic.
End of August juz bac, waa...
Okay, when bac remember to gv a call or msg. U too, take good care. ^^
Btw, got msn??