Friday, April 10, 2009

Team Schnitzer

Date : 28 March 2009
Location : Aman Damai Field, USM
Event : Paintball Competition (Aman Carnival)

Participated as an Underdog in this time competition. On the day, no miracle for VaLe's team.
"Team Schnitzer" 4 match - 1 Win 3 Lose. Pathetic.
Blame who?? Maybe VaLe's team members juz inexperience in WarZone paintball. Hmm... Honestly, really piss-off when watching team members being 'kill' so easily.
No point if VaLe keepon ranting... Sigh~

Walk the Field
Before game-on, VaLe take a walk around the site to study the field.

Marshall holding a marker (or gun).
Forgot to take a snap of VaLe's favorite jam-clear green marker. Like it.

She's the 'man' !! [?]
The only chinese gal in this time competiton.

Team Schnitzer
At the break-out point, before another game-on

Low quality palletes...
Damn expensive + smelly + oily & somemore in pink color !!

The WarZone
This time competiton's field & barrels placing.

Paintball effect...
Hv to bare with the consequences. Ouch~
(only will disappear in 1 month time)

Damn Freaking Enjoy !!!

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