Tuesday, June 19, 2007

CMD 1st Album !!


One of the CMD (CLOT Media Devision) CEO, Edc. Chen (Hong Kong youngest CEO) had released his 1st chinese debut album (in hip-hop stream), dated 13 June 2007.
"Let Me Re-introduce Myself" is an anticipating album which mostly done by Edc. himself, also collaborate with Grammy Award winner - Kanya West, Jay Z producer - Just Blaze, Japan hip-hop big bro - Muro, Hong Kong international DJ - DJ Tommy... etc.
Edc. gathered a bunch of music elites around the world just to produced a high qualities chinese hip-hop album. Aimed to bust your head out and Re-recognized him...as a different person with a brand New style.

Before and after the released, just 3 single (记得我吗?, Act Like You Know, 不可能) being officially air-play by CMD, include 1 music video (记得我吗?). Wanna take a first look, just google at YouTube or CLOT official site, whole lots to come... For me, this whole album is 'bout the yesterday, now and future stories of Edc. himself. Edc. tried to express his feelings and opinions through song & lyrics, but no profit based companies will dare to realize this kind of risk taking concepts, so Edc. only can realize his dream just by buiding his own company, that's CMD rite now.
That's enough...just go check this album up, no matter what channel you are using. So, Move move move...

Song List:
03.Act Like u Know
08.My Baby

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Vale said...

Waddup to Edc's 1st chinese hip-hop album. Rulez at most of China and Taiwan music charts... Number ONE !!
Yup, the sales juz outrageous, compared to other artists which aradi making sales more than weeks... Nice !!