Sunday, June 10, 2007

DUBAI (sudden city)

Dubai, one of the seven Emirates which constitute United Arab Emirates (UAE). The place or country which i shall and will visit (just the matter of time). Joe public familiar with Dubai as a country (or city) with its richness of petroleum and natural gas. Other than that, Dubai sudden development also came from tourism sector and a load of foreign investor. I wanna thanks them, cause they made a truly drastic manufacture (buildings) revolution in around 30 years of time (F**K that).

-Proof ?? Let see...
Early 1990s, near-empty desert.
What a dull city... Like u can see from the pic.
(roundabout as the target spot)

-Nowadays, **Poof~~
8 lanes of traffic course between 'bout 1.6km of Skyscrapers.
(took only around 10++ years time, pretty...)

Why i'm just so admire and favor towards Dubai ?? Here's why...
After the super massive sudden development, the city doesn't seem to cease... Loads of world record buildings still to come.

Here, check the list...

1. Human made island - Palm Island (pic) and The World. This two man-made island are cover with hotels and high class accomodation (bungalow type). Also, as Dubai city International Shipping Port.

2. World tallest building - Burj Dubai (pic). This cloud touching building taller than record holder nowadays, Taipei 101 (which already visited by Vale). Stand straight, it can reach 700 meter (at least). (June 2009)

3. Dynamic architecture building - Da Vinci Tower Dubai (pic). A 68-story tower which each floor of the tower can or will rotate individually.

4. World longest Hotels - Bawadi. A project stretch nearly 10km long. Combination of 31 big and well-known hotels, also 100 theaters, 1500 high-class restaurants and not less, shopping malls. (2010-2014)

5. Falcon city of wonders (pic) - A city with shape like a falcon view from the satellite. There are replicas of the Seven Wonders of the World, plus modern wonders such as Eiffel Tower and Taj Mahal.

6. Snowdome - Indoor ski resort at Dubai, cold man !! (2008)

7. Aqua Dunya Theme Park - The largest theme park in the Middle East. (2009)

8. Great Dubai Wheel - The world's largest observation wheel. (2009)

9. Universal City and Studios Dubailand - Theme park (2010)

10. Dubailand - A mega-project twice the size of Disney World. (2020)
p/s: Hei, i can bring my children along with me, already... Haha.

That's only 10 upcoming projects i interested with... There still many outrageous projects at each and every part of Dubai City constructing every second right now. Also, don't ya forget the famous and landmark of Dubai, the Al Burj Hotel (pic above) and beautiful Jumeirah Beach (night scene pic).

Every year, estimated around 1thousand 500million visitors flow into Dubai. In future, i will also contribute the number, maybe 1, 2 or 5 or more visitor (maybe my galfren family also wanna follow, who knows ??) Hah !! Ain't Dreaming...

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