Friday, June 12, 2009

" Amazing " Race (totally draf)

Just came back from the Island... Not much people know 'bout my "Secretly & Silently" trip back there.

For this post, VaLe wanna crap about his very own Amazing Race. From the island (Png) cross to SP (Kedah) back to KT (Trg).

First of all, there's a Risk for me to take. After hurdle to SP, there's no guarantee VaLe will got seat back Trg. Unluckily, VaLe have to spend a nite at SP (a totally 'clueless' place for VaLe).
p/s : Hey... nEw, finally I been to SP lor. HeHe~

Still, a hurdle & a hurdle. VaLe cross it beautifully and finally all my 'sweating' efforts do prove that my judgment are rite for this time. Thanks everyone that 'guide' me to the Final destination. Appreciate. But, certainly VaLe feel proud of himself for willing to take this challenge. Maybe some of you think this nth special or much... But, VaLe knew what risk or challenge waiting for him.

People kept questioned me, "Why so Hurry??"
Answer : Tomorrow is my Dad's B'day ler...

Cross the line as a consolation prize winner. HaHaHa... Glad that I succeed the "Not-so-Amazing" Race of my own.
A knit of proud-ness !!

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