Sunday, June 14, 2009


Another 6 days to count... CLOT gonna throw a grand opening for their JUICE branches at -


Yeah~ That's the place.
Surprise... Surprise...

On 20th, EDC & his crews such as KP & Sam gonna arrive for the Grand Opening. In the meantime, CLOT also will launch some new 'local-based' products (as pic) courtesy of Malaysia branch opening.

Still hardly believe that JUICE gonna open their business at Malaysia (earlier than expected). For sure, it's just matter of time before VaLe gonna 'throw' some big cash in the shop. Ahhh~ Damn !!

Shout out : JUICE~~~~~ !!!


sleepy said...

Oooh.. I thought u'll be the first customer to go splurge on their opening!! haha.. =P

Vale said...

Plan to go, who thought maybe can bump in wit Edc & other celebrities. But the 'timing' juz not rite... HaHa

sleepy said...

Oh damn... That would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet your idol wei... Why 'timing' not rite pulak?! Hmm.. you must cancel all your other appointments. HAHAHA! =)

Vale said...

Aiks... The time I read ur 'comment', I realize that I missed the last flight. Event 1pm begin... Huuu~

sleepy said...

Yikes! Your timing memang damn cun la! hehehe.. It's ok, The Star paper had big pictures of him. hahaha..