Saturday, June 6, 2009


A quick & short 2D1N 'trip' to KL... Nearly 'murder' by the freaking pack & tight 'schedule'. Phew~

Take Note : This trip supposed to be "Serious & Hectic", certainly no Fooling around...
But, turned out to be a surprising 'coincidentally' old frens gathering.
Never thought of this coming...

Some pics took by VaLe's buddies when 'climb' to
the KL 'Little Genting'.

Blurry (or Hazy) Sky... That's KL

VaLe a.k.a. the 'Green Goblin' with 'quiet time no see' buddies~
- Feel Good -

The sunset at KL

During the time, VaLe's totally 'exhausted' ady. But, since get to gather with a bunch of 'crazies' frenz... VaLe push himselve to the limit. Plus, crapping do chill me up. HaHa~
Nice to meet up with them !!
See ya & Take Care guys~


sleepy said...

Wow.. love the sunset of KL.. Where did u take this pic from? Sorry ain't very familiar with KL places. Oh and, did u cut a "good boy" haircut? U definitely look like one in the last pic! hehe. =)

Vale said...

"Little Genting" (in chinese). Heard b4 ?? Ask ur KL frens, they shd noe... ^^
"good boy" haircut !! Nolar, bad hair day... HeHe

sleepy said...

Little Genting huh? Nope, never heard b4. Alright, gotta ask around next time i'm there. hehe..

Oh, bad hair day eh? Looks like good boy wat! =P

Vale said...

I'm always a Good boy, nv turn Bad. HaHa...