Thursday, December 18, 2008

我就是喜欢 ...

Through Honeyee VaLe would like to announce that "I'm officially a Fan of
大嘴巴 or DA Mouth !!"

大嘴巴 or DA Mouth is a Taiwan Hip-Hop group made up of (from left to right) DJ坂本宗华 (DJ Chung Hwa), MC仕凌 (MC 40), 爱纱 (Aisa) & 怀秋 (Harry). They released their self-titled album on 16 Nov 2007 and awarded "Best Vocal Group" on 2008 年金曲奖. After a year, they gonna release their 2nd album on 19 Dec 2008, title 王元口力口 which actually is 玩咖, meaning PLAYer.

First self-titled album 《大嘴巴》 cover.

The all-new (latest, 2008) 大嘴巴. Cool.

2nd album 《王元口力口》 cover.
(VaLe already owned it...HahA)

Pretty + Cute + Sexy de 爱纱.
Another reason for VaLe to become DA Mouth devoted admirer... Hah !!

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