Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Support Local Music !!

Recognize this guy ?? Here some quickie for people questioned "who is this malay guy?"
Faizal Tahir, the 1st runner-up for One In The Million (a singing competition, as
XXX Idol or XXX Superstar). This married young rocker already got 2 kids, a son Mikaeel Zidane (wat a name) and a daughter Siti Raudhah Nur Iman. Well educated and can speak a fluent english is a point adding for this rocker. Most of the songs in his latest album was composed by himself.

Enough for the quckie. Need or Want to know him more ?? Juz
google FAIZAL TAHIR by urself. His songs ?? Google wit YouTube to listen how this guy sound.

Faizal Tahir first album after being crowned 1st Runner-Up in One In The Million - Aku.Muzik.Kamu.

Track list
  1. Invitation
  2. *Batu & Golek (Rock & Roll)
  3. *Kerna Kamu (Because of You)
  4. Aku Punya Kamu (I Have You)
  5. Sempurna (Perfect)
  6. Cuba (Try)
  7. *Sampai Syurga (To Heaven)
  8. *La Da Di Dum
  9. Mungkin Ku Tak Bisa (Maybe I Can't)
  10. Mestikah Ada Yang Lain (Must It Have Something Else)
  11. Mahakarya Cinta (Orchestra Version)
  12. Sampai Syurga (Acoustic Version)
  13. *Gemuruh (Anxious)
  14. Mahakarya Cinta
Due to no link/source for malay album from the net. Believe it or not... VaLe going to 'grab' this album in near future. HaHa... It's been a while VaLe didnt support Local Music album. Hah~

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