Saturday, December 27, 2008

Late Wishes~

WishING all the surfer who pass @ stop by Honeyee
Happy & Merry Christmas
[feliz Navidad a usuario/ria de Internet]

22 December, 2008 (8.32 am)
Depart from KayTee -> Flying across states -> Arrive at the Pearl Island
[On the bottom left corner of the pic is VaLe 's exclusive-pilot. HahaHa...]

25 December, 2009 (12.28 am)
Box painted in Red, - sing til a bit loosing sound.

25 December, 2008 (3.21 pm)
Took tis pic while loafing around to find subtances that can ease stomach.

25 December, 2008 (3.54 pm)
No Turkey, instead an American Roasted Chicken for my Chritsmas-Lunch
at Food Loft, Gurney Plaza.

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