Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bro's BIG Day

5 December 2008 (8 - 11 Morning)

Finally. In Pics~

Here it goes...

Nicole with the "Ferraro 'Rosemary' Rocher No.9".

Sis helping bro to look smart b4 stepping out. Nephew & Nieces looking along.

2day Convoy de Captain, Uncle Lee. Giving a quick briefing 'bout the route to 8 car drivers.

Jaguar X-Type lead the convoy, follow by
City, Vios, Vios, Vios, Vios, Vios, Vios, City.

VaLe's bro coming down with the accompany of mom & dad.

Take a pic...

Another pic... VaLe's parent, Sis & Bro.

Bro sit in the car. Around 60++ relatives & frens waiting for the convey to depart.

Convoy Captain have a final word wit dad b4 giving the "Good To Go" order.


YJ~ said...

When's your turn then???

..趴地熊.. said...

when's ur turn o?? XD

Vale said...

YJ, YM asked u "when's ur turn o?".
YM, YJ asked u "when's ur turn then??".

..趴地熊.. said...


Mr Vale, dun kckc lol~